Lieutenant Jam

A Scottish-West Australian, South Korean-Tasmanian, Mexico City-Mexican and South African-South Australian smash together to form Melbourne grungy rock outfit Lieutenant Jam. The band comprises of a jazz trained guitarist, a metal drummer, a guitar hero trained bass player and a Jack Black style singer who’s range can send your eardrums to the stratospherical nirvana . If you didn’t hear their music you would think it was a producer’s dream on a talent show… but it ain’t. Instead of singing Katy Perry cover songs they prefer to smash it up on stage, launch the odd obscenity and dad joke while doing what they love most… playing original rock music.

Behind the scenes the band also is helping other Melbourne musicians on their quest for musical achievement with their own House Party on Wheels festival with over 40 bands at each event of a multitude of genres. The aim is to rise together and raise the professionalism on and off stage before traveling the world doing what we love most.

Here’s a little teaser of the upcoming EP

Lieutenant Jam Upcoming Gigs

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